What is BEAN?

The Black Excellence Abroad Network is a network of current and prospective UK university students and recent graduates of African and Caribbean descent undertaking study and work placements abroad. 



Why do we exist?

Placements abroad are incredibly rewarding and character building. The experience of living abroad, outside of one's comfort zone, creates young people who are more able to adapt in a globalised world, with enhanced cultural sensitivity, interpersonal and language skills.

Unfortunately, black students are disproportionately underrepresented in seeking these opportunities. We acknowledge that navigating these opportunities as a black person can present its own set of challenges, so our aim is to increase diversity through raising awareness of the benefits and providing support and advice.

How do we plan to do this?

Through sharing informative content such as student-written blogs, networking events, mentorship opportunities, talking at universities and collaborating with travel influencers and university societies, we aim to encourage more black students to undertake placements abroad.

We also seek to celebrate the achievements of black students who have already successfully concluded a placement abroad.


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